How to track MySQL Load in DirectAdmin

If you notice that the mysqld processes are using a lot of cpu load, there is a way to see which mysql user is causing it.

1. Display the user/pass by running:

cat /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf

2. Login to /phpMyAdmin.

3. Click the “Processes” tab (near top right), or if you don’t have Processes tab, click the “SQL” tab, and run the query


You’ll be shown a list of all current queries, who’s running it, on which DB, and how long it’s been going.
A query shouldn’t take anymore than few seconds. ¬†Queries that take more than that are likely the source of the high load on the box.

The “Processes” tab has the option to kill a process, if needed.
Using it may cause corrupted databases, so use sparingly.